Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Lindy's counsin made a blog for his 4 year old kid called The Dinosaur Boy. It's completely awesome. If you ever wondered about the inner workings of a four year old this is the place to go. Lindy and I read it as often as we can because its so funny/cute.

Here is a sample:
Some bugs are nice and some are mean. Sometimes I wonder why Jesus made mosquitoes have sharp noses. They stick their sharp noses into your skin and suck your blood. They eat blood because that’s what they’re supposed to eat. Some nice bugs are potato bugs, lady bugs, brown ants, butterflies, dragonflies, caterpillars. Lady bugs choose to be nice. They just crawl around and sometimes fly when they see a bigger thing than them.

Spiders are bad bugs. Spiders are not bugs but they look like bugs. Red ants are bad. Flies eat guts! They land on guts and eat them. But flies aren’t mean. We smash mean bugs.

Today I was collecting brown ants and Weston was collecting potato bugs. I put all the brown ants in my dump truck. One ant was carrying food and I took that food he was carrying and put it in the dump truck and I put that ant in the dump truck too. Me and West were smashing red ants. This is a picture of us smashing the red ants.

You'll have to check it out, It will put a smile on your face.