Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We are at the MMR (Aug)

Every August my mom's family has a reunion in the Uintas for 5 days where we just have fun with each otherplaying games and being silly. (It's called the MMR after my poppy's initials- Matthew Marrington Pettersson.)

C is for...

I was trying to be a good mom and teach my kids letters. This day we found things that started with the letter C. The girls made castles and cookies.


Primary Activity (Aug)

Our primary had an activity where we meet down at the Salt Lake Temple and had a tour of the temple grounds.
We took the front runner with our friends the Stevens down to Salt Lake. This was the first time our kids have been on a train.

Sydney and her friend Jade playing by the pool.


This picture was just too cute not to post.


State Fair in Sept.

We took the kids to the State Fair in September and spent way too much money.

Tree House Museum

Well, I'm going to be catching up on the last 6 months by starting from the most recent. At the beginning of October we went to the Tree House museum and went to their story book treat or treating where the kids go to different story book characters and they tell them their story and give them something relating to that. Well I lost the battery for my camera at that point of the outing, but got some pictures before that of the kids playing with the normal stuff at the Museum. I found my battery in car after the whole storybook stuff so that's why you have pictures of the kids in their costumes with their bags.