Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sydney's New Habit

Sydney has decided that every time she goes down for a nap she has to empty out all the drawers of clothes and the hamper and put them all over the floor and in Savannah's crib. This is quite annoying for mom and dad. I haven't been folding their clothes anymore, just throwing them into the drawers since they will be all over the floor the next time Sydney takes a nap.
The other picture was just cute of Savannah in a hat she got from Sea World.

New Bed

Here's Sydney in her new twin size bed. She had no trouble transitioning from the toddler bed to the twin. I'm sure the Tinker Bell bedding helped with that.

Love Sac

Here are the girls enjoying our new love sac. They love jumping on it and playing with dad in it.

Our Little Princess

Well, Sydney is obsessed with the disney princesses. Two Halloween's ago Sydney was Snow White. Well, I still had the costume in the back of her closet so during her nap time she found the costume and put it on backwards. This costume is a size 1 and Sydney is almost 3.


Here are some pictures of the girls hunting for eggs, and on Easter morning.


I know you all have been waiting for pictures of the girls for awhile now. We lost cord that connects to the computer so we really didn't have any new pictures to put on. Well, we found the cord so here you go.
Here's Sydney & Savannah in their bunny ears bama (Lindy's mom) gave them for Easter.

More pictures!

Well, the thing I heard the most from my feed back post was more pictures. So, ironically enough, I'm not going to post any pictures right now, but I have given my wife keys to the blog so that she can help me post pictures of my girls. If we get into the habit now then maybe you'll be able to get to see pictures of Logan James soon after he arrives. Keep your fingers crossed.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Feed back

So, I'm at a loss (and I don't have much time). I don't know what the people who read my blog want. Well, that's not entirely true. I know you want more pictures. My problem is that I frequently email my blog entries in from work where I don't have any of my pictures. I just need to get Lindy to start emailing me pictures to post on the blog (I'm happy that the school district is no longer blocking so I can actually get in there and edit the template).
So, what do you want? Amusing antedotes? Political opinions? Daily journal entries? Random information that I think is interesting? Commentary on popular TV shows?
Please, please, throw me a bone here.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What to write, what to write???

I don't know how some of you guys do it. I have to admit, one of the reasons I don't write on my blog as often as I do is because I can't think of stuff to write about. My life is pretty boring at this point. I wake up, go to work, then go home. That's about it. (Well, I guess there's a little more to it than that). I'll have to make my wife make some posts of what the kids are doing from time to time.
I can't believe that Logan is almost here. We (the parents) are going to be out number very soon. I'm glad that we at least are in the house and are able to get somethings settled first. And it helps that I don't have as much work to do during the summer. We need the money, but I think my wife also needs the extra help. Our daughters are needy. They aren't content to just play, they follow you around the house. When I go into the den to do something with the computer they come following in. Savannah is particularly interested in the mouse, she'll take that thing from your hands every time. Sydney loves to type on the keyboard. We often open up the word processor to let her type to her heart's content. However, when they are both attacking you, it gets very difficult to do anything on the computer. I can just imagine that they are doing this to Lindy all day long. But they are so cute so you can't help but love them.
Not that I'm going off on my children (because I'm boring, but they are not) I want to write real quick about Sydney and her Disney Princess shows. She will act them out as she watches them. She actually will pretend to be asleep like Sleeping Beauty before the prince comes to wake her up with a kiss. Consequently the other day she was asleep on the couch and Lindy wasn't sure if she was really asleep or just waiting for her princess. It turned out that she pretended to be asleep for her princess, but then fell asleep while waiting (I'm sure some people can relate to that).
Anyway, for one who can't think of anything to write, I sure wrote a lot.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bed Building

So, we got a new bed for Sydney. We finally got a twin size bed for her (no more toddler bed -- besides she chewed that thing to death, but it still has to last for at least two more kids... but I'm tangenting). We got a great deal on a bedframe at Shopko (as shown above, but we didn't get the headboard or nightstand) and we bought a mattress and boxspring for her. By the way, that bed is only $88 at shopko right now, 50% off!!
Anyway, my father-in-law, Vyrl, and I spent forever last night building the darn thing (Thanks Vyrl!! We appreciate the help!) and then we put the boxspring and mattress on the bed. Well, apparently this was designed only for the mattress, because with all of that the bed was taller than my bed. It looked like we were beginning the story of the princess and the pea (or whatever that was). But we got it all settled. Sydney LOVES her new bed (partly because its covered in Tinkerbell blankets and sheets. She had to have every tinkerbell blanket on before she would go to sleep (and it was not cold last night so I don't know what she was thinking).

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Love Sac

We broke down and bought a love sac. Can I tell you how cool they are. My daughters love them to death. I've been wanting one for ever. For those of you who don't know what a love sac even is go to this webpage for details: Basically, they're what a bean bag was meant to be, but never was. We are so happy to actually be getting furniture that is nice instead of furniture that some one else was getting rid of. Its a nice change. We're still waiting on our microfiber couch/sofa combo set that we bought. Its back order, but in my opinion, its worth the wait.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

We're in!!!

We spent our first night in our new home. There are boxes everywhere, but we're excited. Our little girls didn't understand what was going on. Poor Sydney cried when we took her bed out to the truck. All those mean people from the Elders Qurom stealing all of her toys and furniture. When she got to the house and saw her bed it was like her finding a long lost friend (she missed it for only a few hours, geeess). Savannah is loving this place because she can roam around (no stairs). She loves it! We're excited to have more room. I get to have a den for once (Lindy likes the idea of having the computer in the bedroom anymore). We also got a new bedroom set and we're waiting for our new sofa/loveseat combo.

Now we have a LOT of work to do. I think I'll go get some donuts.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Well, now that I have a new old house (new to me, but build before I was born) I have a million projects. I don't even know where to get started, but when I walk around the yard or the house I just think of what I can and need to do. Is this normal?? I guess that's part of the difference of the mentality of renting versus owning. I could careless about my apartment, but now I'm obcessed.
I found a website for people like me how want to do it all, but don't have a clue. Its called The nice thing is that they give you tons of articles about how to do things on your own. So, I'm probably going to be going to this webpage a lot in the years to come (that and homedepot).