Friday, November 16, 2007

Dire need of a good editing

Wow, the message below this is in a dire need of a good editor. I wrote it real quick with my gmail account. The blogger dashboard is blocked from my school computer so that is the only way I can send messages in. So, that means I have no means of editing them (after I send them that is). Anyway, I do believe in proofreading, but I have my weak moments. I'm not a writing teacher for goodness sake.

key words: Bob Bateman

So, a friendy of mine from high school stubbled on to my blog. I thought, "Wow, how easy is my blog to find?" So, I tried to do a google search on myself to find my own blog. And it wasn't as easy as that. There are sooo many Bob Batemans and Robert Batemans out there. I'm not unique :( so sad. So, I decided to add "key words" in my blog entries to add in the search for Bob Bateman. So, I went to West Jordan High school (WJHS), lol, and then Utah State University (USU). I'm an SLP (Speech Language Pathologist) for Davis School District. I should probably stop before I give too much info out there. I don't really think there is anybody who reads this blog who doesn't know the basic info anyways, oh oh I went on an LDS mission to the Kentucky Louisville Mission (1998-2000). So, lol, if you thought this was a different Bob Bateman or Robert Bateman (like the Canadian Painter) then you were wrong! Even if I do post his art on my blog, it really isn't mine.
Okay I'll stop before I hurt myself. lol.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

House shopping blues

So, we decided that we are sick of throwing money away in rent. We want to live the American Dream and become homeowners. We've met with a realtor, we've driven around different neighborhoods, we are starting to get things figured out with some lenders. Well, it's not going so well at the moment. All we can afford is houses in scarey parts of Ogden. Our lender told us that we could afford what we wanted if Lindy was working, but we decided a while ago that Lindy wouldn't work while our kids are still home. We don't want someone else raising our children. Anyway, that means I'm living off of a first year teacher wage (and we don't get a whole lot) at least I have a master's degree so that I start a little higher.
Anyway, after looking in some of the neighborhoods that have houses we can afford we decided to save up money for a downpayment and keep an eye on the "Good Neighbor Next Door" program (a program that helps teachers and police officers get into a HUD house with 50% off). I guess it was good for us to see what we were up against so that we can be a little more serious about our budget and savings and get our debt paid down. Still a little frustrating, after being in school for all those years, I guess I thought it would be easier now that I have a real income.  Anyway, we are still holding on to our "American Dream", but we are going to be a little more patient about it.