Friday, October 27, 2006

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Here's a little info about our cute daughter Sydney. Sydney is learning new words everyday. She imitates anything you say. She heard "Wombat" on her baby einstein video and repeated it. She can now say bye and blow kisses with a "muh". When we put her down for naps she'll talk to her self forever. She'll wake up talking to herself in the morning. She use to crawl up the stairs and cry because she wanted down, but was unwilling to crawl down, She's a very cautious girl. She still refuses to walk, she prefers crawling or walking along the edge of the couch (for support). She loves stuffed animals and has many of them. She also loves going outside. If the door is open she'll crawl outside and off the steps. Sometimes she prefers boxes and other assorted trash items to the toys that she has. I'm thinking that our family could have saved a lot of money by going to the back of stores and just getting the boxes for her, at this point she would have been just as happy. She's a funny kid, and I'm not sure what she's going to do when she's no longer the center of attention in February when her sister comes. She's going to have to learn how to share in a quick hurry. Overall, Sydney keeps us very busy, and we love her to pieces.

Monday, October 23, 2006

I've noticed that unlike many other blogs that I read, I really don't talk about my feelings any where here. My wife would probably point out that I don't talk about my feelings at all, except on the rare occasion. I'm sure my readership is significantly high, so it might not be a big deal every so often write a blog post like this.

I've noticed that I'm always dreading to do one thing or another. I'm dreading to go to class or to see a clinic or this or that. I'm not really "enjoying the day", and because of that I'm often not a happy person. Last week I had a test to dread, studying to dread, clinic to dread, etc, etc... When I had a job I seriously dreaded going (mind you it was a call center). I don't like living that way, that is always looking to the future negatively, but I've created myself a bad habit. When I get thinking about what Christ would do, I get the feeling that he would "enjoy the journey". How do I get to that point? Does anyone else struggle with this?

I'll get back to my regular posts next time.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Extreme Home Makeover down my street!
Well, extreme home makeover has taken camp just down my street. There was a Tongan family, the Pauni family, that has light 9 people, whose father died two years ago who are getting a brand new house this week. There were millions (well, maybe not millions) of volunteers out working on the house. They started tearing down the old house on Tuesday and their almost finished with the new house already. There are so many people coming to see the work as spectators. The family is on a cruise in Virgin islands right now while they do it. Here's an article on it at that I found on google. Well, we these guys are going to have the nicest house on the block, and no one deserves it more.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sydney continues to point out what we need to do in regards to childproofing our home. Posted by Picasa
Sydney discovered that the shredder is full of fun paper. Her are a few pics of her fun discover. It's amazing watching her grow. Everyday she discovers a new way to make a mess.

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Friday, October 13, 2006

I'm trying out Picasa from google. Here is a random pic of Sydney, with enough hair to almost put in pony tails. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Wow, I haven't written anything forever. Does anyone check this out anymore. My blogs haven't been too interesting lately. I would have given up on my a long time ago. Well, I have a test next week and I should be studying for it, but I some how manage to avoid it. A sign that I need to get out of school.

Well, I'm at an elementary externship working with the speech-language pathologist. I've been surprised that I like it. Its nice to find out that you like your profession. Especially since I've only been taking classes in this field for the last four years! I'm working with kids with either speech problems or language problems. Most of my kids are working on "R" sounds and "S" sounds. Apparently those are pretty hard sounds to make. Facinating for all of you guys, I'm sure. I bet if Nate was reading this he would have stopped reading because I mentioned my major. Whenever I say anything about things that I'm learning at school he makes fun of me, says that I'm trying to sound smart. Whatever.

Anyway, I'll try to write more on here for all of my loyal fans, both of them.