Tuesday, February 24, 2009

" I want to be like Daddy, but only a princess"

So yesterday when Savannah and I were eating breakfast I heard the guitar. Sydney had gone in the den, pulled out the guitar, and was trying to play it while standing up. I put her on the couch so it would be easier. Bob loves the guitar but doesn't get to play much because the girls attack him whenever he tries to play. He'll have to give Sydney lessons when she's old enough to play for reals.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Results of Quiet Time/Nap Time

So yes again she fell asleep. Not in her bed, but still she slept. YAY!!!

Sleeping Babies

First of all I have to tell you how cute the girls are with their baby dolls. Savannah got a stroller for her doll for her b-day and Sydney already had one. They will have races with their strollers, with the babies inside, all around the house. They even say, "Ready, set, GO!" Well today day they put their babies in the baby bed together and used one of their own blankets to cover them up.

Another thought about sleeping...Sydney has been throwing a fit during nap time lately (not that she would usually sleep during nap time anyway). So Bob was looking up stuff about naps for 3 year old and they said to call it quiet time and let them read books and play quite games. Well, just calling it a different name made a world of difference to Sydney. Yesterday she got in her bed and asked me to give her her books. She totally fell asleep. Again today she got right in bed with no screaming putting her books next to her in bed. We'll see if she sleeps today but at least she's spending some quite time alone. (Sometimes I just need a brake from her!)


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Once there was a snowman

Well, I finally got Bob to go out and build a snowman with the kids on his day off, President's day. Sydney had been carrying around this snowman kit that we got from my cousin for weeks asking to build a snowman. She finally got her snowman but now he's melting away.

Random February Pics

The girls in their pig pajamas.

Yes, this is Savannah sleeping in a dresser drawer. And no, I did not put her in there. Bob had to brake some of the drawers because none of them would open, stupid safety feature gone wrong, so that's why there are no drawers above the bottom one.

Bob lets the girls ride on his back sometimes so they decided that they could ride each other as well.

Friday, February 20, 2009

My Uncle Josh's 40th Birthday

Well my uncle Josh turned 40 in the end of January and Bob was recruited to take pictures at the party. My mom's family is really close so we know all of our cousins and have lots of fun together.

Here's the Birthday Boy with my cousin Dustin.

My cousin Jenica, my sister Elyse, Sydney, And my cousins Carlee & Halee. Sydney just woke up so she wasn't to happy.

Oaklie is Sydney's favorite person in the world besides Bamma.

There were quite a few babies born in my family this year.
This is Reuben who's a month and a half younger than Logan.


Bob and my cousin Skyler

My sister Kelsey. (She's hot and single guys!)

My cousins Aubrey & Halee

Ryan walking Savannah with a balloon leash. hehe

My cousins Nellie, Myranda, Lacey, & Skyler

Ryan, my Dad, Logan, & Kelsey

Logan James

These were taken in January.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Savannah's 2nd Birthday

So we had a birthday party for Savannah on her Birthday since it was a Saturday. 3 of her friends came, one of them being a baby. They had lots of fun.

They played with playdough and frosted their own cupcakes.

My brother Ryan was saying, "Nana" to the tune from Jaws and coming after the girls slowing and finally tickling them. They loved it! They kept singing the tune to get him to do it again.

New Year's Eve

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Catch up

As you can probably tell I'm trying to catch up with all of our pictures since December. We were making pizza roll-ups and the girls were helping put the cheese and pepperoni on. They were eating more of it then actually applying it.

I just thought Logan was cute eating his cracker.