Monday, June 23, 2008

Busy summer

I'm sorry about not posting anything. Its been very busy to say the least. We had the baby (just in case you haven't read the last post, I won't put the details here). I've been working at a year round school. We've been trying to get somethings fixed with our house (like the fact we have no grass in our backyard). And just trying to keep up with our girls. They keep us exhausted constantly. By the time we get them taken care of (bathed, fed, put to bed, etc) we just don't want to do hardly anything so we watch movies, level our toons on WoW, eat orange floats, or read to each other (I'm in the middle of reading Twight to Lindy). We keep busy, oh and I got offered a calling at church, but I haven't been sustained yet, but it'll keep me very busy. So, I'll try to drop a line with a picture here and there.