Friday, December 19, 2008

grammar errors

So, I had to write this real quick. I don't know why, because its pretty embarrassing. Okay, so as a speech therapist people hold me to a higher level of speaking. This is the frequent joke when I accidentally say something that doesn't make sense and everybody laughs. ha ha ha ha... (almost like that what about bob joke that never dies......) So, in an IEP (Individual Education Plan) for a student that really has some serious issues with verbal grammar to the point where its hard to understand him... so on the part where I write what the student needs to do (so and so needs to be able to produce grammatically correct sentences blaa blaa blaa). I apparently made a big grammar error when writing this sentences to the point where it didn't make sense when you read it out loud. When do I catch my mistake? As I'm reading it to the parents of the student in question. I'm just really inspiring the confidence of that parent that I can really help her son.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Family Pictures

Random Pictures Thursday

Cute pictures of Logan

These are kind of random.

Logan's 1st time eating

This was a month ago or so so he's much better at eating now.

Savannah (19 months old)

We got these taken at JCPenny. I can't believe they turned out so well since she was running around the room most of the time. Actually I originally only bought the first picture and the one of Sydney and Savannah, but Bob had to have the other pictures when he went to pick them up (you know how they give you an awesome deal trying to get you to buy more).

Logan's Blessing Pictures

Sorry I'm so slow at posting pictures.

Sydney (3 going on 16)

These were taken back in July. I'm not so sure I like 3 year olds. I hope this stage doesn't last forever. She's really cute in these pictures though.