Saturday, September 09, 2006

I just that this blog entry by Lindy's 4 year old cousin was priceless: (You can read more like this at The Dinosour Boy's Blog:
Do you know what things would be fun to do on family fun day? Eat a yummy breakfast, like cereal; Get a couple of drinks and watch a show; Play the Land Before Time game for two minutes; put our train set together; go to Dinosaur Days; go to Dinosaur Park; play dinosaurs; talk about dinosaurs; read dinosaur books; pretend to teach a class, like dadda takes a turn, then me, then west. I would teach about dinosaurs.

We could even play computers or go hiking on a trail and look for clues to dinosaur treasure. Maybe even go camping in the jungle. I love party day because you don't need to go to sleep, you can just stay up and watch shows. And dadda doesn't even need to go to work.

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Betsy said...

That is so cute!!!! Kids say whatever is on their mind and I love it!!!