Saturday, June 02, 2007

It's June!!

It's finally June, but I want Spring back. Its too hot!!!

about being outside. She wants to be outside every second of every day. She's bang on the door and shout outside, outside. The problem is that we don't have our own back yard with our apartment (its shared and there is not fence from the street). Sydney has the tendency to make a bee line straight for the street. Often times she will point out cars and trees (over and over again), but mostly she just likes to run around. Oh, she's also So, anyway, Sydney has been obsessedobsessed with swings and slides. She wants to be on them all day (literally). When we take her off of the playground equipment or we take her inside, we become the most horrible parents in the world (in her eyes). We're not really that outdoorsy (I wish we were more, but what can you do). Perhaps we'll have to change our life style to accommodate our daughters outside fetish.


Betsy said...

I'm with your, it is way too hot outside. My kids also LOVE being outside. Check out our new blog at

dan said...

Lydia loves being outside too. We really hope that we can find a home that has a fenced back yard where she can just go and have fun. We'll see what we find.