Friday, November 16, 2007

key words: Bob Bateman

So, a friendy of mine from high school stubbled on to my blog. I thought, "Wow, how easy is my blog to find?" So, I tried to do a google search on myself to find my own blog. And it wasn't as easy as that. There are sooo many Bob Batemans and Robert Batemans out there. I'm not unique :( so sad. So, I decided to add "key words" in my blog entries to add in the search for Bob Bateman. So, I went to West Jordan High school (WJHS), lol, and then Utah State University (USU). I'm an SLP (Speech Language Pathologist) for Davis School District. I should probably stop before I give too much info out there. I don't really think there is anybody who reads this blog who doesn't know the basic info anyways, oh oh I went on an LDS mission to the Kentucky Louisville Mission (1998-2000). So, lol, if you thought this was a different Bob Bateman or Robert Bateman (like the Canadian Painter) then you were wrong! Even if I do post his art on my blog, it really isn't mine.
Okay I'll stop before I hurt myself. lol.

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skcoe said...

Hi. I'm the "friendy" of his that "stubbled" onto the blog. The key: Hopping from one blog to the next in the hopes that I'd find someone that I knew! I was just lucky enough to find yours, and glad I did! It's been a LONG TIME!

I'm sad I didn't find you before my big 30th (gulp) birthday last month, you would have been a welcome addition!