Monday, September 08, 2008

Logan's blessing

We finally blessed Logan yesterday. He looked so cute in his little white blessing outfit. It looked like a little white tuxedo. Steve Limb mentioned that he just needed a top hat and tapping shoes to finish off the outfit. I know describing it isn't as good as actually showing a picture, but I'm at work, so what can I do. I'll have to ask Lindy to see if she can post some pictures soon. I can't remember if we have some on our camera or if they are on her parents' camera. Anyway, he's such a calm baby. We really needed a calm baby at this point in our life.


BeatlesDiva said...

I'm sure he was a doll. I can't wait to see photos of the cutie!

Erin said...

He is a sweet boy and I'm glad that I got to see him the other night! Oh and it was good to see you to. :)

Rachel and Brian said...

Hey Bob! glad to see things are going well for you!