Thursday, June 10, 2010

another email

Wow, do I ever get the good scams being sent to my email address. Luckily it goes to my  junk mail address anyway (by the way, if you haven't set up an email just for that reason I highly suggest it). This one is interesting. I still wonder if people actually fall for this kind of crap. I mean seriously, are people that stupid??

Hello Dear,

How are you and everything happening around you? I am contacting you because I need someone who will help me establish an orphanage, and also do charity program with my life time savings as I will depart this wicked world due to oesophagus cancer.I want to help the poor kids as much as I can.I am Malaysian,widow and have no one around me to trust as they all want to loot my money and never care about my interest.presently I am at the hospital. the total amount for this project is 3.5million dollars and20% of the money will be yours and eighty percent will be for the project.We have never met before but after going through your profile I decided to contact you. I wish you are the honest and hardworking type am looking for. Please contact me on my personal email at: (

Okay, so I made up the their return email, but I didn't want to put this guys email out there. Oh man those poor kids. Really 20% of that money will be mine?? I'm glad that my profile showed that I'm a honest hardworking type.


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