Thursday, April 06, 2006

Well, I don't have time for this posting, but if everyone else in Utah was going to post about this ridiculous weather than I want to also. Yes we have snow in April. Luckily it’s not sticking to the ground, but it is suppose to be spring. My friend Racheal put it in her blog this way:

"We have been taunted and teased with the prospect of spring. It has been warm enough for the kids to play outside. It has been warm enough for me to wear shorts once, and sandals on numerous occasions."

We have been teased and taunted; toyed with the prospects of warmth. Hopefully the end of the semester will still come at the beginning of May.

Well, now that I’ve wasted some time, I had better get back to school work.


SalGal said...

It tried to snow for my graduation, at the beginning of JUNE.

I moved to California.

Daverachkids said...

Thanks for quoting me on your website, Bob. It makes me feel special. :) And, as for my being so up-to-date on my website, just remember that you go to school full time. I am a stay-at-home mom and have a lot of practice ignoring my kids.

jimcalkins said...

Yeah, uh, Bob? Salgal's my sister, if you didn't know that. I never expected to see her on your blog, but, why not?
My comment is that it also was a white-out on our wedding day - April 20th

Bob said...

I was curious who Salgal was so I checked out her blog and I discoverd that low and behold, she was my good friend, Jim's sister. Nice to meet you Salgal.

Sounds like it snowed more on your wedding day than it did on my wedding day (Dec 18th). Funny the things that happen.