Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Well, this was Sydney's first Easter. She went to the family Easter egg hunt and everything. (We helped her out a little bit.) Every year Lindy's mom's family has the Easter egg hunt at Granny's home and all the kids look for eggs. They get to have three small eggs and two big eggs. The big motivator is the fact that there is money in the eggs and a couple of them have a lot of money. This year there was a fifty dollar bill, twenty dollar bill, and a ten dollar bill in one of the eggs. I think there were some fives too, but the rest of them had ones. Our dang cousin Carly got the fifty and the ten! Errr.

Sydney had so much fun shaking her eggs. She's only nine months right now so she didn't do much of the work on her own. Next year.

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jimcalkins said...

Dang, Gina! Can I come to the hunt next year?