Saturday, July 15, 2006

I haven't posted anything for a while. I'm not sure if there are a whole lot of people who read this anyway, but I hope no one was much disappointed. I've been at an externship most of the summer. I thought I'd finally put something on here.

Our daughter is a whopping year old now. Her birthday was July 8th. Sydney got quite spoiled from all of us. We had a birthday party up in Logan with some of Sydney’s friends. Birthday parties for one-year-olds pretty much consist of kids playing with toys and adults chit-chatting. We gave Sydney cake for the first time in her life. We made a whole cake for her to destroy, but then she got really shy about it. She was so dainty about eating the cake. The one time we were encouraging her to make a mess and she refuses. I finally had to help her get a real handful. She was really confused about the whole b-day song and candle thing. We tried to get her to blow out her candle, but she wouldn’t do it. She just looked at it as if saying “What the heck am I suppose to do with this?”

We also had a family party celebrating the July b-days in Lindy’s family. Sydney, of course, got all the attention. She got the little people barn and doll house and a lot of clothes. (It’s a good thing because the kid keeps growing out of clothes.) At this party she got a cup cake and we sang to her, but this time she didn’t like the ritual at all and she openly protested.

Sydney’s finally learned how to crawl and has relished in this new found freedom. She’s also given her parents a run for their money. We’ve been scrambling around trying to baby proof our apartment as quick as possible. Sydney quickly learned how to pull movies off of shelves. Anyone who knows us knows that we have a lot of movies. So, now we’re scrabbling around to figure out where to put movies on the lower shelves. She loves to get into anything that we don’t want her to get into. We she knows that she’s in trouble she’ll look at us and give a big smile so that we won’t get mad at her. We try so hard to keep a straight face, but it’s so hard (for both of us). I’m amazed at how quickly our little ones learn to manipulate us.


Daverachkids said...

Happy Birthday to Sydney! We did the cake thing for Jacob's first birthday, too. He was a little sick and didn't really want to eat the cake. So, I daringly held him on my lap and he finally dug in. Now, he has no problems making a mess!
Good luck with the new crawler! She will definitely keep you on your toes.

The Doug said...

Hey Bob! Thanks for updating your blog. Happy Birthday to Sydney as well. I have come to your blog lately but you hadn't updated it for a long while. I read it and will continue to make an effort to keep in better touch.

I also met Dave and Rachel at Murray park on Saturday when my friends and I went Slip and Sliding at the Park. Dave actually came over with his two kids and Rachel and went down it twice. He is such nerd but it was really good to see them.

You should read my blog: I am going to try and update it regularly. Come one! Come All! :)