Sunday, July 30, 2006

I don't know how many people have been reading this, but I know that I've been a bad blogger this summer. I checked my email just now to find 45 unread emails (and this was my gmail account that I only give to friends!!!!) My yahoo email had 119 unread emails.

Apparently I need to catch up on things. I don't use the internet at home much because its a dial up. I hate the stupid slow thing and I can't justify getting high speed because I don't have a job. Something about food and diapers coming first, or whatever.

Anyway, I'm done with my externships, so my summer can officially begin. Yeah!!!


jimcalkins said...

You could always get a wireless network card for your PC and link to an open network (if there are any) in your neighborhood. Contrary to what you might be thinking, this is not stealing. I have checked with the FCC myself on this matter, because I myself hate dial-up.

Daverachkids said...

I have also been pretty bad about the blogging this summer, and I even have high-speed! I guess it comes with the territory of being a parent, Dave being in school, just being busy, or lazy, whatever you call it.

Betsy said...

Hey, since we never see you, we have a way cute picture for you.