Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Back to school for one more year. I'm not exactly looking forward to school again. As my friend Ziek put it "I'm trunky to be out of school" Look, I'm approaching 30 and I still don't have an adult job, still in school. But alas! This is my final year, finally. (That was redundant). So, I have to admit that I'm envious of those that are done. I'm also house-envy, but I won't get started on that rant.


Betsy said...

Sometimes I am envious of those who can call the maintenance man to come fix the problems and not have to worry about all the expenses of keeping up a house. Granted, it is nice to have all the room of a house!!! School will be out before you know it. When I got to my last year I just had to keep reminding myself how far I had come.

Bob said...

True. I am not the handiman that my wife wishes I were. If something breaks then its broke. But right now some else gets to do all the work.