Monday, October 23, 2006

I've noticed that unlike many other blogs that I read, I really don't talk about my feelings any where here. My wife would probably point out that I don't talk about my feelings at all, except on the rare occasion. I'm sure my readership is significantly high, so it might not be a big deal every so often write a blog post like this.

I've noticed that I'm always dreading to do one thing or another. I'm dreading to go to class or to see a clinic or this or that. I'm not really "enjoying the day", and because of that I'm often not a happy person. Last week I had a test to dread, studying to dread, clinic to dread, etc, etc... When I had a job I seriously dreaded going (mind you it was a call center). I don't like living that way, that is always looking to the future negatively, but I've created myself a bad habit. When I get thinking about what Christ would do, I get the feeling that he would "enjoy the journey". How do I get to that point? Does anyone else struggle with this?

I'll get back to my regular posts next time.

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jimcalkins said...

I wouldn't call it dread, but I'm definitely a procrastinator. I'm probably classified as a master procrastinator, to be honest.
About your question though, there was an Elder on my mission who used to laugh when he didn't know what to do. As in, it gets dark at 3 in the afternoon, you don't know where you are, and you have only been speaking Russian for 2 months outside of the MTC don't know what to do. I look at that and think, "you know how everyone looks back at difficult times in their lives and laughs? Why not do it in the moment instead?" So that's what I try to do when things get overwhelming.