Thursday, October 12, 2006

Wow, I haven't written anything forever. Does anyone check this out anymore. My blogs haven't been too interesting lately. I would have given up on my a long time ago. Well, I have a test next week and I should be studying for it, but I some how manage to avoid it. A sign that I need to get out of school.

Well, I'm at an elementary externship working with the speech-language pathologist. I've been surprised that I like it. Its nice to find out that you like your profession. Especially since I've only been taking classes in this field for the last four years! I'm working with kids with either speech problems or language problems. Most of my kids are working on "R" sounds and "S" sounds. Apparently those are pretty hard sounds to make. Facinating for all of you guys, I'm sure. I bet if Nate was reading this he would have stopped reading because I mentioned my major. Whenever I say anything about things that I'm learning at school he makes fun of me, says that I'm trying to sound smart. Whatever.

Anyway, I'll try to write more on here for all of my loyal fans, both of them.


Lacey Barrett said...

I read your blog Bob, besides mine is not interesting either, we should start a club, the non-interesting blogs that still get read for some odd reason club.

Bob said...

Okay, the non-interesting-that-still-get-read-
for-some-odd-reason club. I a lot more of our friends could be memebers as well. Maybe not.

chuckbateman said...

Turns out I'm a damn hypocrite, hey look I'm reading someone else's blog!