Tuesday, December 12, 2006

We're in the process of moving down closer. We're at the packing stage. Then on Saturday, December 16th. We're actually moving. We're moving to Layton for now. It was difficult to find an apartment in our price range that was large enough for us and had a washer and dryer hook up. The place looks slightly ghetto, but I've been told there is not such thing as a ghetto neighboorhood in Layton. We'll have to live there for at least a year (1 year lease), but I'll be able to get a real job in May so we'll be able to afford a better place. I guess you could say that we'll be "saving money" from May till December (without a dishwasher).

Sydney is walking now (although she still prefers to crawl -- apparently its faster). We've been having her walk all over the place while holding our hands. We really want her to walk outside so she won't get her clothes dirty whenever we go outside. Her language is ever getting better. We've learned that we have to spell out words around her if we aren't willing to give her the thing at the time (words such as milk and cookie). Our daughter has become a sugar addict (something we've been avoiding at all cost), we don't give her straight sugar items often, but when we do she becomes fanatical. She went through a kissy stage where she would give everybody a kiss and then say "Ooooh". She would pick up all over her toys and give them a kiss. She would even walk up to you (or crawl) and then kiss your knee. She decided that with cold and flu season that maybe she should stop her kissing marathon. Now she's back to her good old self, difficult to get a kiss from. We generally have to "steal our kiss" from Sydney, but every once in a while she'll give us a kiss.

She has grown into quite the tantrum thrower. All that she wants is for us to give her anything and everything to play with and never put her down and let her have full reign over the apartment. We of course don't, and she gets a little upset. We are the meanest of parents not letting her play with the pots and pans or eat pens, throw food, and cause general mahem and destruction. But she forgives easily.

Sydney has decided that Gammy (Grandma Alice) is preferrable over mom and dad. She loves her gammy, and her aunt Elise. Most of the time, when she sees Elise's picture she will say "Lesie", she says it with a lisp, but its still really cute and Elise eats it up.

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Daverachkids said...

Sydney sure is a cutie! It makes me feel better that she just started walking, because Drew is not walking yet.
Let's definitely try to get together soon. Maybe it will actually happen this time - if the kids don't get sick, or something comes up . . .