Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Confusion at the school district

I just got back from a training from the school district. I do think they are great and so far I love my job, but oh my gosh! How much paper work is there involved? There are so many things to remember. I can't keep everything straight. I have forms for this and that. I have lots of trainings to keep track of. I have evaluations where I need to make goals for myself and then show data for my improvement. I have so many things to juggle. Oh, and yes, I have students to see, students paperwork to organize, all my files are in disarray. Okay, I may be exarragting, a little, but not much. I'm feeling a bit overwhellmed right now. I'm suppose to do this in a 40 hour work week?? I wonder if the general public understand how much people in education do for the little pay. I'm always hearing people tell me how crappy our schools are, well, we're doing the best with what you give us. Well, not all teachers I guess. I've met a few I rather don't like myself, but some of us are really trying.


dan said...

You'll get a handle on it pretty quick. Of course, I'll probably be able to empathize with you more when my new job starts next week. I always get a headache the first while on a new job; there is always a lot to digest. Anyway, thanks for all you and the folks in education do!

Lacey said...

Hmm, yes I know how you feel. I have worked with the public school system for years and I know how much crap they go through, ha as well as how much crap they give back. Even in preschool they expect you to do all kinds of stuff and barely pay anything, and they pay hourly too...so it was just expected that lesson planning be on your own time. Oh I am sorry I was supposed to get all my planning and prep done in the 20 minutes a week I was alloted...right.

So anyway I feel for ya Bob...just remember that you do it for the kids and not the thanks. I will say thanks to you though...BOB ROCKS!!