Thursday, August 30, 2007

Interactive Disney

For some reason, in my mind its so much easier to send an email than to make a blog post. Anyway, I have to share what Sydney has been doing lately with her disney movies.
Sydney has only recently discovered the disney shows. She is obcessed with Cinderella and Snow White, but she loves to watch all of them. She talks to the main characters throughout the show. When the movie starts she greets the main character "Hi cinderella", "Hi tarzan", etc. She will also do this periodically through out the movie. When she's done she'll tell them good bye. She was watching Lion King, the part where Simba's dad dies. Sydney kept telling him to wake up and get up. We didn't know exactly how to tell her that he's not getting up. She does the same when Snow White eats the poisoned apple.
I'm amazed at how much she understands, and reminded at how much she doesn't. But hey, she's two. She's growing up so quickly. It amazes me. We love her so much. She is so sweet with us and her sister. I wish I had a picture to put on here. I bring some pictures with me to work so I can do that. Y'all will have to remind me.


Rachael said...

Hey, it's good to have you posting again!
Jacob and Drew watch a show on the Disney Channel called "Little Einsteins" and they love it. Jacob interacts with this one, too, it's hilarious!

Bob said...

Actually, Sydney is obcessed with "Little Einstein". Although she usually only watches it during the weekend, its too early during the week. She sings the song on a regular basis.