Monday, December 03, 2007

Happy Holidays

So, my aunt Jodi let me know that I really need to get on the ball about posting pictures. Good news is that we're getting DSL at home soon so it will be a lot easier to do that (I wouldn't recommend uploading pictures with a dial up!) Bad news is that I don't have the pictures right now.
So, we were at a family party yesterday when Sydney finds what she thought was lip gloss. I heard her saying "Lips, lips lips!" as I watched her put a glue stick to her mouth. She was a little upset when I took it away from her, but I do believe it was in her best interest. Anyway, I promise (again, lol) to post pictures in the near future (preferably when we have our DSL Internet).


skcoe said...

How funny! My daughter had help doing that not too long ago, a three year old friend "helped" my one year old daughter get "pretty" by putting glue stick "lipstick" all over her entire face and head.

I won't go into my reaction.

applebiscuit said...

DSL!!! that's awesome