Monday, January 14, 2008

Baby Bateman Boy

We found out last week that we are going to have a boy! Sydney and Savannah are going to have a baby brother. We're excited (and a little nervous) to have our 3rd child. We kind of wished we had spaced them out a little better, but what do you do. For a few months each year their years will be right in a row (Sydney 3, Savannah 2, baby boy 1, or later on 6-5-4, etc). Wow we are gluttons for punishment. But it will be good. Sydney likes to pat Lindy's tummy and say "hi baby brother" and Savannah is completely oblivious to it (which she should). By the way, Savannah is turning one on Thursday (Jan 17th). We got a really cute picture of her at a photo studio on Saturday. When we get it back I'll post it, she has a cute red dress and hat on. Anyway, without any new pictures this post is pretty much pointless so I'll end it right now.


Rach said...

Congrats on the baby boy! You guys are going to love having a boy! At least, we love having boys, so hopefully you will, too.

skcoe said...

I love having boys, they bring balance to the estrogen me and my daughter bring into the house!!!


Ryan said...

What!?! It´s a boy and you didn´t tell me about it. I feel betrayed. Oh well at least I´ll have a nephew to play video games with when he gets older. Besides we have alot in common he´s the only boy , I´m the only boy. I mean can you see the patern?

Jane said...

Many congrats! That is certainly good news!

Good luck with finishing your CFY. I kinda miss the early days of my career. I have a ways to go in the doctoral program, but I seriously hope to be ABD in 2 years. That might be a tad ambitious, but I can dream. I had long thought about going back, and actually did at one point several years ago, but I becamse ill and had to take a medical leave. I am in a different program now which is much better, both academically and financially. It helps to find a program that can truly fund their doctoral students.

Yes, I hope to be out west in a few years -- have had enough of East coast living to last a life time. Do you ever go to the state conference -- I believe that you guys have a tri-state conference between UT, WY and CO?? I may be wrong on that. I think it is in October for this year and I have every intention of trying to make a quick trip out.

Good luck and stay in touch,


Bob said...

I haven't gone to one of those tri-state conferences, but the last time they held one I was still a student. We'll see if my school district is willing to send us to one of those. They usually let us go to our state conference (at least thats what I've heard). Are they holding a tri-state conference this year then?

Jane said...

Hi Bob,

Yes, as far as I know. I'll check the WY Speech/Hearing Association website -- they usually have the info posted.


Bob said...

So, how long have you been an SLP then? And what are you researching in your doctorate program?

Jane said...

Hi again,

I have been an SLP for 12 years. My research is in traumatic brain injury and theory of mind. I'm currently working on a project that will examine patterns of semantic organization in verbal fluency tasks in subjects with TBI. Have you worked with adult TBI at all? There is really not a lot out there that tells you how to treat, and what is effective.


Bob said...

I have worked with some adults with TBIs, but both times I was a student and I basically did what I was told. One of them was a 22 yo male with that had his TBI when he was 2 yo, so I did compensatory strategies because I didn't expect him to improve much of his cognition seeing how the incident happened 20 years earlier and the other was during my medical externship at a sub-acute rehab hospital. We did a lot of cognitive organization tasks. You are right, there isn't much clear information on what to do for this population.