Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sydney's New Habit

Sydney has decided that every time she goes down for a nap she has to empty out all the drawers of clothes and the hamper and put them all over the floor and in Savannah's crib. This is quite annoying for mom and dad. I haven't been folding their clothes anymore, just throwing them into the drawers since they will be all over the floor the next time Sydney takes a nap.
The other picture was just cute of Savannah in a hat she got from Sea World.


Leah said...

Fun stuff, so cute! Our little one's still too small to be causing too much trouble, but We're going to have to seriously re-arrange the house soon.

skcoe said...

Recently we moved Mayci's crib against a different wall, and now she can reach the top drawer and top surface of her dresser.


Every time we go in to get her up from naps there are hair clips, belts, swimming suits and other miscellaneous things thrown all over her crib and room. You'd think that we'd stop leaving things there for her to find...'d think that.