Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Princess Party

Since Sydney is so obsessed with Disney princesses, we invited some of her friends & cousins to a princess party.

We had the kids make fruit loop necklaces. Apparently we don't do enough crafts with our children. Sydney didn't understand what we were doing here.

Savannah was very proud of her necklace. She had a good old time at the party (more than Sydney did).

Logan came to, but he didn't participate much in the games.

Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, we had them put stickers on the castle. I had Bob draw a castle for the girls to put them on, Sydney was very impressed.

We had a princess cake walk where we had different princesses that they could walk on while listening to Disney princess music. When the music stopped we asked who was standing on a certain princess, then they got to wear or hold something related to that princess.

Sydney's boy cousins felt bad that they weren't included (only girls were invited at first), so we told them that they could come, but they would have to put up with princess stuff. They were mostly good sports about it; however, Matthew treaded lightly because he didn't want to wear any princess apparel (silly boy, we had a sword waiting for him).

Oaklie dressed up like Jasmin.

Little mermaid for Kelsey (even though she was too tall for the picture).

Savannah is enjoying her poison apple after landing on Snow White. (We didn't actually poison that apple).

Sydney got to wear the Cinderella Slippers (we made sure that this happened because she would have thrown a fit if anyone else put on her slippers).

Here the girls got to hear clues to guess the different princess dolls hiding in bags. Here are the girls guessing (which they were pretty good at), they all got a prize for each princess.

Here is the princess lineup with the prizes they got below.

It took awhile for Sydney to decide which princess she wanted us to make a cake of, partly because I don't think she really understood what we were asking for. She finally decided on Cinderella. She's a little short, we actually had to temporarily yank off her legs to get her to fit. We like to think that she's kneeling down or something.

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.

Here is Sydney in her princess pjs and with all of here princess dolls.

The girls got these really cool pillow princess books (you can see Logan's Cars pillow book in the background. What a good idea.


Aliese said...

How fun! I totally remember YOUR Princess Birthday Party, Lindy!!!

Susanna George said...

Oh my heck, that is so cute!!!! Your girls are getting so big, and Logan is such a cutie! Love it!!!!

BeatlesDiva said...

She's not spoiled or anything ;-)

JK, I think it's great! What a fun day for everyone.

Bob said...

It's a whole new world to me, I grew up with 3 brothers, we were anti-pink , we would steal barbies and blow them up (well not really, but I'm sure we would have).