Monday, July 14, 2008

Sydney's Birthday

Sydney turned 3 on Tuesday. She's obsessed with Disney princesses so we got her some princess barbies which kept losing their accessories which frustrated Sydney. We went to lunch at Carl's Jr. with her cousins so she got to play on the playland. That night we went to the Surf and Swim with Tim and Christine's family. She had a blast. Oh, and Sydney got a bike from Bamma and Bampa which she absolutely loves!


BeatlesDiva said...

Looks like you're having as much fun as the kids! Glad to see you and the family are doing well. Keep in touch.

luvs and hugs,
~ Nicole

Lacey said...

Those pics remind me or Raging fun. Oh and when Buddy Holly started playing on your blog Malcolm started dancing. I guess he likes it!