Thursday, July 30, 2009

Follow up Post (2 in a week!)

Its nice to know that we do have some readers. You haven't given up on us. I'm going to write here more often, but I'm usually at work, so there won't be pictures on my posts. Lindy typically does the pictures; however, our newer computer (which contains all the pictures) is in Salt Lake waiting for our friend Norl to give it a look over. It likes to periodically shut down because of over heating, /sigh. Lotsa fun right there.
I can't believe just how quickly our children are growing. I was looking at some pictures from just 2 years ago. Wow, Savannah is so much bigger, and she has soo much more of her curly strawberry blond hair. Logan is shooting up like a weed as well. He loves to say "yeah, yeah, yeah" its coot, and we can get him to repeat on different consonants like "da da da da" (my favorite). He's so stubborn and determined. He loves to unplug our lamp in the living room. We'll move him away and he'll just go back over and over and over again. Oh, and its no fun having him on your lap when you are on the computer. If you don't let him have full reign over the mouse or keyboard he'll start getting all upset, squirming, taking my glasses off, etc. Lotsa fun again.
So, what have y'all been up to this summer? Any fun vacations? Anything fun in Utah to do?

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