Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Many Happy Returns

Well, Pauline pointed out to me that it had been awhile since we had update our blog. It has been sadly gray on many of your blog readers out there. So, to quickly catch y'all up.

The kids are cute, but they're driving us crazy.

Our AC isn't working so we are hot all the time.

We went to Texas in the beginning of July, good times, pictures will follow, but not on this post :( .

Summer is already over for me because I work at a year round school, but I'm happy to have a built in summer job that pays well.

Our backyard is about waist high with grass and weeds, but I should be getting our lawn mower from the shop on Friday.

Our Bateman/William firework show at my brother's house only had one injury, and no fatalities.

We've made an investment in fans and have them through out the house.

Logan is walking and loves to get into things. I'm thinking of making a poster of him entitled "determination" - the boy who never quits.

Sydney turned 4 while we were in Texas, she's growing up too fast.

Savannah is cute as a button. When something's hot she says "its tot!"

Anything else?? I can't think of anything at the moment. Hope this gives you an idea of what interesting and exciting things are going on in our life at the moment.


*Liese said...

Aw, "It's tot..." That's adorable.

Kaylyn said...

It must be hot to get more fans. It also sucks to have weeds and grass that high. Good luck mowing that yard!!
I love your picture collage on top.

Lacey said...

yeah for an update...we miss you!

Joni said...

I was wondering what happened to you guys, you are alive!