Monday, March 15, 2010

Catch up: Sydney's 4 yr b-day

I figured while I'm on birthdays I might as well finally post Sydney's 4th birthday, which was back on July 8 of last year. She got her presents from my parents and my grandma Joyce in the end of June since we left on vacation on July 3rd. She got this red cozy coupe from my parents, but the girls kept fighting over it so we had to get Savannah an early birthday present a pink princess coupe. (See, I'm not totally bad, Savannah's b-day was only in January, lol.)

Here's the slide from grandma Joyce & grandpa Clint.

On the day before we left, July 2nd we had a party with Sydney's friend Apri. We had cake and ice cream. Then we took them out to lunch at Carl's Jr. Then we went to the Treehouse Museum Apri's mom has a pass there too so went together often, that is until she up and moved to Kentucky :(

Of course like a bad mom I forgot to take the camera inside the Treehouse. So this is the tree the girls stand by when I'm putting Logan in the car. (I have them touch the tree so they don't run out into the street, and they think it's funny to run around it.)

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