Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sydney is now a whopping 10 months old. Here she is showing off her music talent. What she's really doing is attempting to grab the hymn book. She loves books, but not for reading. She likes to eat them. She’s really in to grabbing things. She also loves to play with anything electronic (ie., remote controls, computer keyboards, cell phones, etc. See previous post). She sits up completely on her own and is starting to attempt to crawl. Usually this is an attempt to grab some kind of book or electronic item that’s just out or reach. She also loves her toys. She loves to drop them when she’s in her high chair so that mom and/or dad have to keep picking them back up for her. We’re not quite sure if this is a game for her yet, but it’s quickly getting there.

Occasionally it sounds like Sydney intentionally uses words. For example: the other day Lindy took Sydney upstairs. Sydney was incredibly excited and kept saying “da, da, da, da.” When they got up stairs Sydney looked all around, apparently searching for something or someone. She must have not found what she was looking for because she got upset and started to cry. My wife thinks that she was looking for me and when she said, “da, da, da” she was referring to dad. Unfortunately, I was not upstairs because I was at school. I especially like this story for obvious reasons. Was she actually trying to say dad or was that just a coincidence. We like to think otherwise, but we’re not quite sure at this point.

Sydney also likes to clap. She will almost always start clapping in imitation to someone else clapping. She likes to play patty cake, but she just leaves her hands out so that you can clap them.

She just a bundle of fun at the stage she’s in right now.

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Daverachkids said...

Sydney sure is cute! I can't wait to meet her (and see you guys, of course.) In my opinion, she knew exactly what she was saying when she said "da da da." I remember when Jacob was at that really fun stage. It's great! But, it just gets better and better, as you will see.
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