Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My daughter, Sydney, seems to have a fascination with technology at quite the early age. She’s a whole eight months old right now. She's just like her father in the fact that any kind of technology gets her excited.

For example: the cell phone. If Sydney sees someone holdina a cell phone she drops anything (literally) and seeks to get the phone. When she succeeds, which she does many times, she then attempts to see what the phone taste like by quickly shoving it into her mouth. At this point, we usually attempt to trade the phone with a more suitable chew toy. This is pretty upsetting to Sydney, which she tells us with her healthy lungs.

She also thoroughly enjoys pounding on the keyboard and drooling on the mouse. In fact, she’s a little up set that I’m not letting her do this right at this moment. Well, maybe just for a moment.

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Well, there you have it.

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cvmacboy said...

nice bob. start 'em young.

maybe you could show her how to put in power supplies :)