Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Life with two children has been interesting. Sydney if starting to get use to the ide a of her baby sister being around. Instead of Savannah, she calls her Nana or just baby. Sydney's vocabulary is explouding, she has become a little parot recently. She is coming up with new words all the time (and new signs cause we've been teaching her sign language).

Savannah, still only a week old, is a little cutie. She likes to sleep all the time, even when we're trying to feed her. Her weight dropped a little and we're still waiting to hear about her bilirubin count. Hopefully it will go down so we don't have to have her under a bili-light. Sydney had to do that and she hated it. We'll hear about it tomorrow, but I'm sure things are going to be okay.

We'll try to be better about leaving stories about our daughters on here in the future(that and pictures).

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