Sunday, March 11, 2007

Well, we blessed Savannah, as mom and dad probably already told you. It's an awesome and humbling experience blessing your own children. I blessing our baby got our new ward’s attention. Like a neon light saying “HEY! WE’RE HERE! GIVE US A CALLING! MAKE US TALK IN CHURCH! ETC ETC!” So, we got a calling a week later, today, (teaching the 12 year olds) and we got asked to speak in church next week. Oh and we got hometeachers today too. Considering we’ve been in the ward for 3 months, that was a lot of attention for one Sunday. Apparently it took the membership clerk a little while to get our recorders.

Baby Blessing and More

By the way, it has been a joy taking our children to church. Sydney has been a lot of fun. Sydney wants to run around and make noise, Savannah is hungry and crying, we have lots of extra stuff to drag around like books, snacks, diapers, etc etc, fun. The other day Sydney decided to crow like a rooster as loud as she could during sacrament meeting. That was a joy. And another day in church Sydney was trying to say "eyes" but the first vowel come out as an /a/ as in back instead of /ah-i/. So, she was yelling out an expletive, but in an innocent manner. The people in sitting in front of me probably thought that we’ve been teaching Sydney how to swear.

I’m almost done with school. Just 2 more weeks of my externship, my defense in 3 weeks, and the SLP praxis test in 7 weeks. Then I get to start to work for the rest of my life. But it will be nice to be able to have a real income for once in my life (and before 30 at that – but not much before 30).

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Daverachkids said...

Ha ha ha! I love when kids swear unknowingly! I think it's hilarious, especially when it's someone elses kids! Your girls are adorable, by the way.