Tuesday, April 24, 2007

So, having two kids is so different than one. I'm sure anyone who have more than one will being thinking "duh!". It's nice to be able to tag team the kids. But keeping our house clean has been a joke, not that we were ever really good at that to begin with.

Sydney is starting to show signs of jealousy of her sister (just a little bit). When one of us are holding Savannah, Sydney will want to be held at the same time. However, Sydney is starting to say "hold her" because we'll always ask her if she wants to "hold her". We'll let Sydney hold little Savannah for a few moments before they both start crying. It's better than before though. Sydney calls Savannah, "Nana". We weren't sure if we wanted to encourage that because of the dog in Peter Pan. Anyway, this is enough rambling about our two daughters. Next time I'll try to be a little more cohesive with my postings.


dan said...

We love reading your posts because we tend to be just a few weeks behind you in what to expect. Don't worry too much about the house (if it is clean it will make the rest of us look bad).

dan said...

Regarding keeping the house clean... try "Organic Organization."