Monday, April 30, 2007

On Saturday I took a big 2 hour long Praxis test, another hoop I have to jump through in order to get licenced. Well, they give me a answer sheet that has 180 places where you can fill in your bubble with your number 2 pencil. At any rate, I figured 180 questions in two hours (120 minutes), well, that less than one question a minute. I'm freaking out because I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep up. Half way through the test I was just a little behind, I'm flying through this, probably too quick, cause I'm afraid that I'll have like 30 questions left when they tell us to stop. To my surprise after I have finished 120 questions the bottom of the page says "stop, close your book". Apparently, the answer book was a generic sheet. I was flying through the stupid test, when I didn't need to. Well, I didn't skim through or anything, but I was unduly stressed out.

At any rate, I am done with anything involved with school, except the graduation bit. Now I can spend my full attention on trying to find an income. Hopefully sooner than later.


dan said...

That's classic, Bob. Those tests can sure be nerve-racking. I'm sure you did well.

Rachael said...

Well . . what can I say. Good job on being done with school. That's a lot of hard work, finally over and done with!
I am way excited for Harry Potter, but I'm not really one of those speculative kind of people. I like to just wait and see what actually happens. And, yes, I was totally shocked about book 6 (even though Dave spoiled it for me before I read it. He didn't even read it, just heard from someone at work. I was so mad!) Hopefully she won't kill Harry. That would be awful!