Monday, April 23, 2007

So, I haven't been very good about leaving regular posts on here. I know a few of you read this, mostly because I've read the comments. I'm sure you're annoyed with the fact that most of the time the blog hasn't been updated, and there haven't been new pictures in a long while (which is the main reason to come to the blog - not pictures of me, but of my cute daughters).

So, are any of you excited about the new Harry Potter book coming in July? Who do you think will die in this book. She's been pretty consistent with killing at least one good guy per book for the last 3 books. I'm afraid its going to be someone as important as the last one ( I won't say who in case you haven't read book 6 - I don't want to give away any spoilers here). My sister-in-law, Kelsey, said she hopes they don't kill off Harry himself at the end of the book. Some kind of Matrix messianic thing. (But then I never thought they would have done what they did in the last book - again, I'm really teasing those who haven't read book 6). I assume that they can't kill off Ron or Herminie (they have to get together or everybody will be mad). But it could be a Weasley, like maybe the dad or one of the twins or something. Maybe Neville will save the day. What do you guys think?

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