Sunday, February 10, 2008

Savy's B-day and Ultrasound pictures

Okay, so I'm not always good at putting pictures on here. I get reminded by friends and family from time to time. So, in trying to catch up. Here are the pictures of Savannah's (Nana or Savy for short) 1st birthday (we didn't really have a party on her birthday, just our little family). Oh, and here are the pictures of our boy's ultrasound (on the bottom).

We still like to eat everything.

What you aren't seeing is her older sister dying to figure out what are in the presents (Sydney just assumed that any presents belonged to her).
So, this winnie the pooh rocker was a huge hit with both kids.
Instead of making Savannah a whole cake to destroy, we made a bunch of cupcakes and gave her one. She was much more enthusiastic about getting into it than Sydney was on her 1st birthday.
Now, introducing Logan James Bateman, well, maybe not quite yet. Here's a sneak preview. This first two shots show his face pretty well.

And, yes, definitely a boy. We're excited, our girls don't have a clue yet. I'm not sure how Savannah's going to take it, she's only had 1 year to be the baby so far. She might not like a little brother taking the attention where it's suppose to belong.


Susanna George said...

Wow, baby three already? You guys are amazing!!!! Boys are so much fun, very active, but fun. I bet your girls will love to have a little baby to play with. Way to go guys, babies are the best, I am so happy for you!

skcoe said...

I LOVE ultrasound pictures. I just can't get enough of them! What a perfect baby, and what cute kids you already have...