Tuesday, February 26, 2008

update on things

Sorry, I haven't written for a little while. I meant to give my lost update for the week and give my two cents on a range of other subjects, but I haven't. (By the way didn't they take quite the turn on Lost?). So, I thought I'd just leave a quick note of what we are doing. We got all the lender stuff done and now we are officially looking for a house of our own. (note the picture attached is not the house we're buying, just some random house on a google image search, but we're poor so we'll be lucky if we can find a house like that). So, that's going to be our life these next few weeks: house hunting. We can't afford a whole lot because we're living solely off of my income (and I work for Davis School District). So, any advice for those 1st time home buyers looking to buy an existing home?


skcoe said...

Don't settle, and get a good inspection done first to check for deep problems you can't get rid of later, like mold, infestations, etc... It'll be worth the money you'll spend for a thorough inspection.

GOOD LUCK! I love house hunting, even though we aren't in the market!

Jimbo said...

I've got a whole packet of good stuff I got from the Dave Ramsey program...even though we're poor and still a few years from buying a house, it's always good info!
Trouble is...now we'll have to get together sometime, and you know how often that happens!

Lacey said...

Take your time and remember that now is a good time to buy because houses are moving slowly. Don't be afraid to haggle a bit. Also my dad has a real estate license so he can pull listings and all that stuff.

applebiscuit said...

If I were you I would run an instance to get a house. Soulbound items are always better than stuff in the AH. lol