Sunday, March 02, 2008

New Lost Episode "The Constant"

Okay, here is another geeky Lost entry. So, was that a wild episode or what?? It was my favorite for the season so far and it ranks up there for the entire show. What did you guys think? I thought it was funny that the "flashback" wasn't typical of their normal shows. Where are they going with this show. It feels like they have a definite direction this time. (Sometimes in season 2 & 3 we were always sure about that).

Okay, so some things to look at in this episode. Penny's dead bought the journal from the Blackrock, the boat that ended up on the island that we see in the first season. What kind of connection does he have with the island? Some thought they saw Ben sitting in the back row at that auction, hmm, I'll have to watch it again. So, has Daniel done the time thing a little already? He's brain seems to be a little fried and they made it a point to mention that he wasn't protecting his head. Oh, and why did it take Penny so long to answer the phone? She knew that Desmond was alive because she spoke with Charlie (so sad, :( poor Charlie).

The "lost" people admit that Charlotte's (Charlotte Staples Lewis) name is referencing CS Lewis, maybe referring to Narnia, where there are two worlds that are connected by the wardrobe.

At any rate, after watching "The Constant" my wife and I could go to sleep, too much to think about. What do you guys think? Any theories?

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