Friday, May 16, 2008

Girls just want to have fun!

Sydney is definitely a girly girl. She loves putting on dress up clothes and most days insists on wearing dresses, which is a problem since most of her dresses are nice, fancy, Sunday dresses not casual ones. Well, it looks like Savannah is following in her big sisters footsteps. She will bring me necklaces to put around her neck.

Here's Sydney putting on all of her cousin, Audrey's dress-up clothes on her birthday last year. She barely fit in the skirt without tripping over it.

Since she loves playing with Audrey's dress-up stuff so much, Tim & Christine (Sydney's uncle and aunt) got Sydney her own set of dress-up clothes for Christmas, which she loves.

Here's Sydney looking cute in some of her necklaces.

Here's the necklaces I was talking about Savannah bring to me to put on her.

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