Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's a boy (picture version)

Okay, here are the pictures that you've been waiting for. I'll put some captions for each picture, but if you are anything like me, you'll just look at the pictures and ignore all the text anyway.

Logan was born on May 22nd (barely missing mom's b-day) and he was 8 lbs 6 oz, 21.5 in long.

Things went really smoothly. Lindy only had to push for a couple of minutes.

His cry is so sad, he squeaks when he crys.

Here we are right after he was born.

Lindy and Logan.

Our first family photo with Logan ... and yes it took several times as usual because of the girls.

Mama and the kids. (wow its weird, I can't refer to them as the girls any longer.)

Sydney's first encounter with Logan. She was a little stand-offish and after a couple of minutes she held up her hand to say "I'm done."

Savannah was a hoot when she visited. She wanted to see and poke Logan really bad, but she was sick so we made her keep her distance. Here she is demonstrating her phone skills. She mostly just says "Hi da" over and over again.

Sydney warmed up to Logan. When grandma (Bamma) was going to bring Sydney to visit, Sydney said "See mom and baby Logan?". She loves her little brother. And she enjoyed being with her family.

Proud grandparents. For Lindy's parents, its the first grandson.

Here is Elyse, Ryan, and Kelsey (lindy's siblings). They are really excited to have a nephew. Kelsey and Elyse have been trying to come up with a nick name. They were thinking about calling him pony boy. You'll have to ask them to find out why. Ryan is excited to have someone to play video games with. (not for a few years Ryan)

Logan doesn't like his car seat all that much. This was the first time he got to be put into it.

I think Savannah looks really good in her Indiana Jones hat, don't you?

Sydney with her blanket and new dress from Bamma with a sassy look.

I just absolutely love my little girls. Sydney is starting to look so old. I can't hardly believe it. Part of me wants her to stay 2 years old forever, the other part of me wants her out of diapers, lol.
I'm super excited to have a son. I love the kid to pieces.

Here are a couple of pictures of Logan that we liked in particular. He's our cute little man.


Conn said...

Hey, congrats to both of you! Your little family is growing. look great for just having a baby--never would have guessed it! Let us know how it is with three..

The Uffens Family said...

Congrats - he's adorable. Your wife looks so relaxed for just having gone through all of that. Here's to the rest of his little life! said...

Grats! He looks great Bob. It's good that you have a boy to add to your family.

You still have yet to tell me what class he is going to be? :P

Leah said...

Bob & Lindy, congratulations! He looks lovely, so little! It's an exciting time, here's hoping he sleeps well.

BeatlesDiva said...

Congratulations! He's so cute. And Lindy, you look great! What's your secret looking that wonderful right after birth?

Lacey said...

Aww what a cutie! Congrats!

Aliese Fry said...

So cute! Congrats, guys! Lindy, I came across your blog after going through other friends' lists of blogs and found yours! Hope you don't mind... :) Feel free to check out Darrin and I's as well; even though we don't have cute kids to post about.

Luthi said...

Congrats on the birth of your baby boy! You family is getting so big! It has been a while since we've seen you guys hope all is well!

Seth and Peggy said...

A late Congratulations on your new addition! His birthday is the same day at our second daughter, Kallie (only she is 1 year now). Good luck with three!! Oh by the way, I saw you blog on Susanna's link list and that's how I found you.