Monday, November 17, 2008

Sydney's Halloween Parade at Preschool

Sydney goes to her Aunt Sandra and Aunt Echo's pre-school. They had all the kids come out in their Halloween costumes while they introduced them. Some of the kids said something to do with their character and some were too shy. To my surprise Sydney said, "I'm princess Arora".

Logan and Elyse watching Sydney. My mom, Ryan and Elyse had the day off of school so they came.

Savannah was eating an apple the whole time and handing the pills to my aunt Cindy.

Sydney eating her spider cupcake.

Aunt Sands, Sydney and Vyrl (Bampa)

Sands, Echo, Atti (my cousin's daughter) and Sydney

Sands, Echo and Sydney. She loves her teachers!

When Savannah saw Sydney she came up and gave her a hug.

Sydney and my uncle Josh.

Sydney and Grandma Joyce

Alice (Bamma) and Savannah


Aliese said...

The hugging princess and elephant are ADORABLE.

Lindy said...

We're a really huggy/kissy family.