Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Visit to Old Main

We wanted to get pictures of the kids in their Aggie attire by the campus so we went up to Logan during UEA weekend. The pictures with Old Main actually in them didn't work out so well.

Sorry we weren't able to visit everyone. We'll have to visit another time. We miss Logan!

Sydney & Savannah are pretty good friends usually.

Savannah did not want to get her picture taken.

Savannah leaning in to kiss Logan. My kids are very kissy.


Dawnell said...

This has nothing to do with your post but I want to say normally I'm really annoyed at the music on people's blogs, but I was so pleased to click on yours and hear "Love Cats" playing. Such a relief from Colbie Callie or Coldplay or whatever.

Kaylyn said...

Those are great pictures of the kids in Aggie gear. They will before you know it be true blue Aggies.

Lindy said...

As long as they are never "True Aggies" until they are married.