Thursday, February 19, 2009

Savannah's 2nd Birthday

So we had a birthday party for Savannah on her Birthday since it was a Saturday. 3 of her friends came, one of them being a baby. They had lots of fun.

They played with playdough and frosted their own cupcakes.

My brother Ryan was saying, "Nana" to the tune from Jaws and coming after the girls slowing and finally tickling them. They loved it! They kept singing the tune to get him to do it again.


*Liese said...

Bangerter's always had the BEST birthday parties! I love the decorating cupcakes idea; definitely age appropriate.

Lindy said...

I thought so. 2 year olds can't follow rules to games very well, so I figured I'd have them do something that wasn't very structured.