Monday, February 23, 2009

Sleeping Babies

First of all I have to tell you how cute the girls are with their baby dolls. Savannah got a stroller for her doll for her b-day and Sydney already had one. They will have races with their strollers, with the babies inside, all around the house. They even say, "Ready, set, GO!" Well today day they put their babies in the baby bed together and used one of their own blankets to cover them up.

Another thought about sleeping...Sydney has been throwing a fit during nap time lately (not that she would usually sleep during nap time anyway). So Bob was looking up stuff about naps for 3 year old and they said to call it quiet time and let them read books and play quite games. Well, just calling it a different name made a world of difference to Sydney. Yesterday she got in her bed and asked me to give her her books. She totally fell asleep. Again today she got right in bed with no screaming putting her books next to her in bed. We'll see if she sleeps today but at least she's spending some quite time alone. (Sometimes I just need a brake from her!)



*Liese said...

Quiet Time...What a great name! That's what the two hours after church were in our house. I'm sure my parents LOVED it! I think it's awesome that she responded so positively with just the name change! That's definitely one of those stories you can share with her when she's older and struggling with her own kids. :)

Tannie Datwyler said...

I love that quiet time thing. I'll have to do that with Claire when she starts to resist naps, because I need a break!

Joni said...

Hey guys, now that we have the internet I can look at everyones blogs. Your kids are so cute and I can't believe how long Sydney's hair is.

Susanna George said...

I let Phebe take books to bed. Looking at the pictures help her fall asleep. I love her baby dolls- cute!