Thursday, May 10, 2007

Well, I finally did it. I graduated. I walked last Friday. I took Sydney with me as I walked, she was awesome. I'm done with school altogether. It is nice to be done. I have accepted an offer from Davis School District that won't start until August. I'm trying to find some temp work for the summer. I've been in school my whole life, I can't believe that I'm finally done. Kind of feels weird. Now I get to work for something better than $7/hr. I haven't made that in a while, but it's all good.

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Kristin said...

So you DID end up accepting that position with Davis County Schools, eh? It's a great place to be. I wonder if you will be taking over at the school where I am now? (Adam's elem.) Sweet! Well, doesn't it feel good to be done with school!!!!!!!!! We are grown ups now!!