Thursday, May 24, 2007

Okay, this is another LOST posting, so again, if you aren’t interested in the TV show LOST, then you are welcome to read older posts about other random subjects.

Okay, so… What did you think about the season finale? This episode (as most do) brings up several questions:

Who the heck are the people that have a boat off the coast? Apparently, they aren’t friendly to the island.

How is Walt tied into this? You were right Danny, Lock wasn’t dead. The island wouldn’t let that happen. I was shocked to see Walt helping him.

What was up with the flash-forward of Jack??? Wow, that was crazy ending!

Whose funeral did Jack attend in the flash-forward? We at least know it was a girl and apparently Jack didn’t necessarily consider her a friend. It was kind of a scary neighborhood where the funeral parlor was at.

Who are the good guys? After watch how mercilessly Sawyer killed that guy, I wonder who the good guys are? Those others that were holding the hostages didn’t follow Ben’s orders and just shot into the sand instead. Sawyer didn’t have to kill Tom. I wasn’t too happy with what Sawyer did.

Where do we go from here? I wonder if Ben and Lock will be able to convince the survivors that these people are bad and maybe they’ll join tribes?? I don’t know. It’s going to be interesting. Apparently, Jack’s life will be more fulfilling if he stays on the island, and there are several people that would rather stay there.

And, we were very upset about Charlie dying. We know that it had to happen with Desmond’s predictions and all, but I think we were being hopeful. He’s been annoying most of the show, but there were moments when we really like Charlie. We like how he became a surrogate father for Clair’s baby.

Oh, and Hurly rocks!!


Danny said...

Okay, that was a very good episode, but just like a lot of the Lost episodes, it leaves TONS of unanswered questions. I should be used to it by now, but I didn't think that the big reveal at the end would be that this was a "flash forward"... I totally thought they'd reveal who had died and why Jack felt so bad about it. (By the way, the name of the funeral parlor was "Hoffs/Drawlar" which is an anagram for "Flash Forward".)

I didn't actually catch the fact that the funeral was for a woman. That just makes me wonder if maybe it was Juliet. Apparently Jack cares for her, and if him answering the call on the satellite phone was going to doom everyone, then I would imagine that next to Kate, the person he would care the most about would be her.

I wonder if they'll bother trying to explain away how Walt is years older but on the show it's only supposed to have been 90 days since the plane crash.

I hate that we have to wait 8 more months before we get to see more!

Bob said...

I forgot that we'd have to wait 8 months before we could start watching new episodes again!! Errr. We'll have to find another show to be obsessed with, there are always the summer movies (harry potter 5). Oh and books (harry potter 7). I guess I do have some other obsessions. LOL

Well, after that flashforward, I don't know if I want them to ever get off the island.

I wonder if they'll ever try to explain Walt's aging (that's the problem with having a child as one of the actors in this show).