Thursday, May 17, 2007

So, who else is watching Lost? Okay, if you watch and are up-to-date you should read this. If you aren't up-to-date or you don't care then you may not want to read this.

So, what's up with Ben killing off Lock???? Lock was one of my favorite characters in the episode. I missed the episode where Lock killed his father. I guess I assume that he solves his problem. It seems like the only way people can die is if they figure things out and the resolve their main conflict.

I can't believe that they are actually going to get off the island. They are going to want to drag it out for another season at least. We still don't know the origins of the others (apparently Ben isn't really from here), we don't know all the details of the island. And that big black cloud that attacks people.

So, remember the episode (I'm assuming you actually know what I'm talking about , LOL) the episode where Mr. Echo stares down one of those black clouds. Well, if you pay real close attention you seen faint scenes from Echo's past. So, I'm thinking maybe those black clouds are really the characters' past coming back to get them. Of course there is always the theory that all of these guys are dead and in purgatory ( I don't believe that personally). I'm rambeling now. Meh...

Next Wednesday is the season finally. I wonder what questions they are going answer. I assume they are going to bring up some new questions. Is another hatch going to blow? Is Charlie actually going to drown like Desmond said? Err, I can't wait till next Wednesday....


Danny said...

Hey Bob,

I periodically have been checking the blogs of friends (here's ours, by the way: )

I HAD to respond to your post... Rae and I are hardcore Losties. Here's what we've found out about the show: they are going to keep it on TV for 3 more years. So there's no way that they're getting off the island next week. They'll be dragging out all the answers for a while (I'm glad about that). As for Lock-- I'm like 99.99% positive he's not really dead. He's too important of a character for the show, so I doubt they've gotten rid of him. I'm expecting to see him pop up like in the last few minutes of the finale next week. By the way, you can watch the episode where Lock's dad dies at this website:

If that doesn't work for you, we can burn it to a DVD for you and mail it... this is too important to miss. ;)

And the producers/writers/big-wigs of the show have already told us they're definitely not dead. So I want to know what this whole thing about finding the plane in the bottom of the ocean with all of them in it is all about!

So yeah, enough with all the obsessive Lost nerdiness from me. It's cool to hear that you are an addict as well.

Talk to you later.

Bob said...

We would have seen that episode a while ago, if we had high speed internet. I really hope that Lock comes back, that one eye bandage guy did! Wow! 3 more years! Thats awesome.

Rachael said...

Yeah, I don't really think Lock is dead, either. As for Charlie, who knows? I mean, Desmond did see him drown, but they didn't know there were people on that underwater station, did they? There is no way they are getting off the island, too many questions still need to be answered (remember the numbers? What's that all about?) And, there will probably be a bunch more questions brought up next week!